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Off Road or Paved Roads

There's no better way to see the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina than to explore the small towns and backcountry. See common questions and good info below prior to booking, and be sure you're qualified to ride.


RentTheToys is locally owned and operated by multi-generational natives to the area to provide you with expert local insight and curated trips to give you the absolute best day of fun possible.



Q) Do I need experience or a special license to ride?

A) No special license or experience is needed. Machines (EXCEPT FOR SLINGSHOTS) have a Drive, Neutral, and Reverse, and they have turn signals, a horn - all very similar to a car. If one is a manual/stick shift transmission, it will state it clearly in the description of the machine.

Q) Does anyone accompany me on my ride?

A) No, a trip-specific map is provided, and you're free to go at your own pace to take in the scenery, sling mud when you want, and take drink and snack breaks as needed.


Q) Who can drive?

A) Anyone 25 years of age or older with a valid drivers license (not expired) that doesn't have a medical condition that would prevent it.

Q) Who can ride?

A) Anyone can ride as long as you don't have a medical issue that would prevent it. Children that aren't required to ride in a car seat can also be passengers as long as both feet can rest flat on the floorboard and back against the seat back.

Q) What should I wear?

A) Closed toed shoes are required and no flipflops or similar shoes are permitted. It's always best to have a couple of layers even in Summer months. The elevation can sometimes get cool, and the occassional afternoon shower can pop up. There's a small cargo area on most machines to store jackets. Check the forecast, as we're known to have all four seasons in the same day!

Q) What is included with my rental?

A) Map and Rules Reminder are provided with each vehicle. The day pass required for riding on the Wayehutta OHV Trail System is included with your booking of that trip. Food, snacks, drinks, ice, any souvenirs (stickers, tees, sweatshirts, etc), and fuel can be purchased at the rental store and restaurant.

Q) Do I have to wear a helmet during the ride?
A) Not if your trip is staying on paved roads, but helmets are available for rent if you want one anyway. Yes, if your trip is an off-road trip on the Wayehutta Trail system. All 
drivers and passengers are required by the US Forest Service to wear a helmet during the off-road ride anytime the machine is underway. You can bring your own DOT approved helmet, or helmets are for rent with your booking.

Q) Why can't I book the Wayehutta Off Road Trails trip during the Winter?

A) The US Forest Service closes the trail system from December 15 to April 1 every year for maintenance, so it's simply not available to be ridden during that time by anyone.

Q) Why do other rental companies send me to your shop to buy Wayehutta Off Road Trails passes?

A) We are the official ​US Forest Service sales shop for daily and annual passes to the trail system (and shooting range day and annual passes).

Q) Why can't I book a half day trip on the Wayehutta Off Road Trails?

A) It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to drive the machine(s) to the trail head from our HQ, and we don't know the pace of your off road riding because it varies significantly. We don't want to rush anybody, so these trips are full day rentals only. But you're welcome to return the machine at any point earlier during the day if you so choose.

Q) Can I bring a pet or animal?

A) No. Your booking agreement states that for your safety and the safety of any animal, they are strictly forbidden from accompanying you on any trip.

Q) Where do I park my car?

There is a large, gravel lot behind the big store for all customers to park for free - just follow the signs.


Q) Can I charge my phone from my machine?

A) Yes, machines have a cigarette lighter port or USB port if you want to bring a charger. Chargers are also available for sale at the rental store. NOTE, the driver of the machine should never attempt to use the phone while the machine is underway.

Q) How does fuel in the machine work?

A) Fuel tank is full at time of rental and should be filled on return. You can use the Exxon on-site at the rental facility. Any refueling during your ride is up to you and is regular unleaded only.

Q) What is the cancellation policy?

A) Reservations are kept rain or shine. Cancellations more than 30 days in advance of reservation qualify for a store credit to reschedule. Cancellations less than 30 days from reservation are non-refundable. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

Q) Where do I pick up the machine? Can the machine be delivered to me?

A) No, all machines are picked up and returned to the same location (the rental HQ) by you. Machines are street legal, and you will be parking your car at our shop and driving the machine(s) from there on your trip.

Q) What happens if I have a problem during my ride?

A) Contact the office by phone or email ( to relay your issue.

Q) What happens if I'm late returning my machine?
A) Contact the office to let them know by phone or email (, and there are late penalties associated with this outlined during booking and in the waiver agreement, as we have to pay employees to work extra hours.

Q) What happens if I'm late picking up my machine on the day of rental?

A) Machines are all still due back at the same time whether you get a late start or not. We have to ensure that they're ready for the next rental customer. And no discounts or refunds can be provided for late pickup or early return.

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